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External KE Initiative of the Year Finalist: The Manchester Law and Technology Initiative (MLaTI)

Team sat around a laptop.

The University of Manchester has established a first of its type academic-industry consortium to formally combine the expertise of leading law firms with the combined academic expertise of individual schools inside a globally renowned university. The initiative has a dedicated aim to publish research and create curriculum content that is focused purely on the successful use of technology in the legal sector.

Devised and managed by the Business Engagement team, the model seeks to address the needs of business partners while delivering academically interesting insight and feeding into teaching. The university is not only working with business partners but also combining the capabilities of its law school, business school and computer science faculty for the first time. It is intended that the consortium becomes a leading voice of expertise in the fast evolving LegalTech space and act as a platform to develop world-leading research and teaching in this area.

Collaboration between law firms and academic institutions has been notoriously difficult in the past. But the Manchester Law & Technology Initiative is setting a new standard, being the first of its kind in the UK and receiving endorsement and recognition from government ministers and the Law Society.

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