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KE Partnership of the Year Finalist: MacTaggart Scott / Heriot Watt University Strategic Alliance

Man using machine.

The partnership between Heriot-Watt University and MacTaggart Scott is maintained by numerous interactions in multiple areas. Since the original interaction, the collaboration has expanded to projects across electrical and mechanical engineering including two Knowledge Transfer Partnership projects (2012 and 2019) and a studentship through the Embedded Intelligence Centre for Doctoral Training in 2018. This academic year the company signed a Strategic Alliance agreement with Heriot-Watt to reflect the importance of the partnership to the company and to manage the interaction effectively.

The aspects of student interaction have been particularly fruitful with three further undergraduate projects in both mechanical and electrical engineering. The company have also enrolled staff on the Heriot-Watt Graduate Apprenticeship schemes in both Engineering Design and Business Management. They now sit on the industrial advisory board for Mechanical Engineering and offer access to test facilities at their site.

The partnership has enabled the development of electrical hardware and software that would have otherwise been cost prohibitive. This provides a platform to offer condition-based maintenance of MacTaggart Scott equipment, both new and existing. The first KTP resulted in the associate being employed by a long-term supplier of electronics to MacTaggart Scott, which has bolstered that relationship and ensured the EHMS knowledge and supply chain is retained. By working with this potential partner company and the associate, this opens up opportunities to supply the hardware and software into new industrial markets.

The academic partners have received significant impact from the collaboration. The company are informing the undergraduate teaching content to become more relevant to the needs of industry. Undergraduate projects are preparing students for employment by providing crucial employment skills. Company presentations to students have led to increased undergraduate awareness of current industry requirements. These interactions enhance Heriot-Watt’s reputation through student satisfaction ratings.

Heriot Watt University and MacTaggart Scott logos.